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What are the types of internships?

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There are a variety of internship programs which the student can undertake. Some of these types are summer internships and academic year internships, part-time and full-time internships. A PGP Australia contact might help you look for your internship.

Summer internship versus an academic year

A Summer Internship program is when the student decides that they would take up an internship over the summer vacation.  On the other hand, the academic year internship includes an internship program that lasts the entire academic year.

For an academic year internship, the student would need to meticulously plan out their schedule as they need to choose a program which will still allow them time to devote to their academic courses in addition to the internship. The distance of the organization from their campus should not be very large as they will lose precious time commuting.

There are also part-time internships and full-time ones. When a student takes up a part-time internship, they usually work for just a couple of hours. Due to this factor,  they may not be given an interesting project to be a part of or learn much. They more often than not will find that they are reduced to running errands. This does not really help them in their academic pursuit.

However, they could get academic credit for it, and that is why the students usually undertake such kinds of internships.

Full-time internships are usually better for the student as these are taken during their summer vacation and thus they can concentrate on their work for the whole day, know how the entire day gets chalked out and also take up some interesting projects. The downside to it though is that these are in high demand and the student may not get a look in.


The student usually uses the internship to increase their network. Once they are able to get a good network going, they would be able to secure a Summer Internship next year in case they have taken up only a part-time internship.

There are quite a few persons who after completing their college education do not jump into a job directly but rather go in for an internship. This helps the student as they are free and so they have the edge over the others and usually get converted to full-time employees if the employer is happy with them.

Being an intern allows the student to do what interests them without giving a long term commitment.

Disadvantage of internships

The disadvantages of interning are that these internships usually do not offer health benefits and the wages which are given to the intern is usually lesser than that of an employee. This increases the financial burden of the student who already perhaps has student loans and needs to pay for their living expenses.

Therefore it can be concluded that internships need to be properly researched by the student and only if they feel they will benefit from it, they should take up the program. Some may, therefore, want to secure a job directly or work part-time rather than be an intern.