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Wearing Fashion Jewelry, the Right Way – Styling Mistakes to Avoid While Wearing Them!

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Fashion jewelry is the best way to express your style! However, sometimes, women tend to wear even the most beautiful jewelry in wrong way that can destroy the entire look of the outfit. So here is a list of some of the most common mistakes in terms of wearing jewelry that you must avoid to always look stylish and classy.

Jewelry not blending with the occasion

While a single pearl necklace with beautiful diamond studs may look great for formal gala, wearing them on Sunday brunch would indeed be a mistake. A cool chunky wood necklace may appear great at pool party, but it doesn’t look good in ballroom. So, always keep your statement jewelry as well as elegant pieces for special events or occasions.

Jewelry that doesn’t match with fabric

Each fabric has its own particularities. You cannot make formal dress using the jeans fabric and you even can’t have silk swimsuit. Well, the same goes for jewelry as well. Combining diamond choker with denim shirt or wooden beads with fine silk blouse isn’t a great idea. Pay careful attention to fabrics and then blend your jewelry accordingly.

Wrong hairdo

If you really want your drop earrings to attract and shine attention, then wearing it with voluminous hairstyle isn’t a good idea. Well, you have to choose carefully and that is the basic rule. An elaborate and big hairdo can go with delicate earrings while a minimalist and sleek coiffure looks great with statement earrings.

Jewelry that doesn’t blend with your personality

The piece of jewelry you wear can best reflect your personality. Each one of us has some specific traits that can define our choices. For instance, if you are fond of wearing feminine and elegant clothes, then studded leather choker might make you feel uncomfortable.

This discomfort will definitely be seen even if you are dressed correctly. While you might always try new, pay closer attention to what do you feel.

So now you have got the best jewelry advice, right? At first, it might seem there is lot of rules to be followed, but once you will start following them, you will definitely internalize them.