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Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy: How It Works

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Pet owners share the dread and worry when they come home from the vet with a prescription for their pets. Anyone who has experienced trying to give their pets medication knows that it is a traumatizing experience for everyone involved. Your pet might even refuse to eat or come near you after being force fed a couple of dry pills.

Thankful this is a nightmare that can be put to rest thanks to the magic of compounding pharmacy veterinary services. If you haven’t heard of this service yet, get ready because your life and your pet’s life will become a little easier.

What Is Veterinary Compounding?

Compounding is a process that manipulates a drug beyond what is seen on the label to help disguise and mask the smell and taste of the drug. This should only be done when a licensed prescription from a veterinarian is provided and the resulting compound should meet the specific medical requirements of the patient.

During compounding the following manipulation methods can be used: diluting, concentrated, addition of flavors, mixing, and sometimes also adjusting or changing the dosage of the drug.

Which Pets Can Benefit From Compounding?

Compounding can be done to just about every prescription for any pet as long as the compounding pharmacies have the means and the pet owner has the actual prescription for their pet. Cat owners benefit a lot from compounding because cats are one of the most difficult pets to medicate. As long as the compounding pharmacist is licensed they can provide their services for cats, dogs of all sizes, horse, ferrets, birds, rabbits, reptiles, and sometimes even aquarium fish.

Both you and your pet will definitely benefit from compounding pharmacy veterinary services.

Why Is Compounding Beneficial?

Just like humans, cats, dogs, and other pets are unique and have their own preferences and even health limitations. Buying over the counter medication might work for some pets, but for many, it is a struggle.

Compounding allows pet owners to work with a pharmacist to create a customized medicine with the proper dosage and requirements. Owners can choose different flavors that their pets love so that feeding them the medication will no longer be challenge. Other benefits of compounding is the chance use ingredients that you approve. This means you can rule out any ingredients that may be harmful to your pets. Over the counter medication simply cannot compete with the quality of veterinary compounding.

Value The Happiness And Health Of Your Pets

The best reason why it is worth every penny to spend extra on compounding is to keep your pets healthy and also happy. Our pets do not understand the value and purpose of medication. Why not make their lives a little less stressful by feeding them their medicines without ruining their experience? Try compounding for your pet’s next prescription and see how much easier life becomes after the first try.

Work closely with your vet and compounding pharmacist to ensure that the prescription, dosage, and flavor are all the right mix. Never be afraid to ask about flavor customization, your pet’s happiness, health, and comfort is everyone’s priority in this business.
Having trouble administering medicine to your pets? A compounding pharmacy veterinary with the help of Akina Animal Health can formulate medicines that your pets would love to take.