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Types of slides at Foot Locker

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If you are someone who loves simple fashion or is comfortable with things which are simple to wear without any effort then the slides are perfect for you. These slides look like slippers with no belts or buckles, all you have to do is slide your feet in them. They can either be open-toed or close-toed. If you are looking for the most comfortable variety for slides then Foot Locker is the best place to shop from. They have a range of slides from top brands and are offering them at a low price. With the use of Foot Locker promo code, you can avail amazing discounts on them

The Mules

Slides are the perfect casual wear for the summers. They can also prove to be the perfect winter wear when worn with socks. These types of shoes have a wide diversity making it the family favorite. The first type which is very famous is the Mule. This style has a closed-toe design and had gotten famous in the 50s because of Marilyn Monroe. The Mule is particularly famous is the winter wear and can be worn with socks. At Foot Locker, you can find the Mule slides from brands such as Adidas and Nike for both genders. With the use of the Foot Locker promo code, you can avail amazing discounts on these shoes.


The most famous slide among women is the wedges slides. These slides have platform wedge heels which prove them to be the most comfortable high platform footwear which can easily be worn with casual and formal clothing. Since these wedges slides are comfortable, they can be work throughout the day without any problem. Foot Locker has many prints and colors of the wedges slide from different brands. With the use of the Foot Locker promo code, you can add an amazing collection of fancy summer slides to your summer and spring wardrobe.

The Regular Ones

The normal slides are slipper shoes that have an open front and flat sole. These shoes are made from the best quality material which ought to provide your feet with the utmost care. These slides prove to be the perfect footwear when you are in your house. All you have to do is simply slide in your feet in the shoes without having to bend to tie laces, pull the zipper or add the buckle. These are also perfect for adults or people who have a problem with bowing down and making effort to wear shoes. They are also perfect for wearing when running your normal errands where you don’t have to dress. Get your hands on the best slides from Foot Locker and make sure to use the Foot Locker promo code to avail of them at a reasonable price.

Shopping at Foot Locker for the slides is the best idea because of the variety they have from Nike and Adidas. Since both the brands are known for superior quality hence these slides can last you for a good number of years. They may be a little expensive but with the use of the Foot Locker promo code, you can avail them at a good price.