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The  significance of PG and VG in vaping experience

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As you know, the e-cigars and the vaping devices make use of e-liquids that are heated below the temperatures that are required for the combustion of the liquid. This produces vapors with a composition that is similar to that of the original constituents which makes inhalation of the vapor possible. The vapor exhaled also dissipates quickly.

The constituents of an e-liquid

The e-liquid is composed of the following constituents

  • Propylene glycol (PG) or Vegetable glycerine (VG)
  • Water
  • Flavorings
  • Nicotine

Of this nicotine may are may not be added.  Flavorings constitute only 10% of the E-liquid Mate. 90% of it is either propylene glycol or Vegetable glycerine. That is why the debate as to which is best PG or VG goes on. Let us see how significant they could be with regard to the vaping experience

The differences

  • VG is thicker and viscous than PG. Absorption of the liquid by the cotton or wax yo find in the atomizer would be considerably less than that of PG.
  • The PG does not leave any residue in the tank because it is thin. But VG does leave residues which can sometimes reduce the life span of the atomizer.
  • The VG has a slightly sweet taste akin to the sweetness in sugar replacements to it which can have an impact on the overall flavor of the liquid when compared to PG which has no flavor of its own.
  • The throat-hit is greater in a PG dominated e-liquid thana VG dominated one. However, the throat hit is smoother and the cloud generated is more with VG e-liquid.
  • There have been no cases of allergic reaction using VG constituted e-liquid, but people have reported phlegm buildup in the throat on regular usage of VG e-liquids. Whereas, allergic reactions have been reported in the case of PG e-juice.

This boils down to the fact that personal preference is the best guide to buy the e-liquid.  There are both PG and VG e-liquids and even hybrids of them available in the market. You can choose based on your preference.