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The Numerous Benefits of Orthodontics Treatments in Winnipeg

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When your crooked teeth in Winnipeg begin to cause you untold misery and affect your self-esteem, then it’s time to seek out specialized orthodontic treatment. Even so, you should note that orthodontic treatment offers much more than an attractive smile and improved self-esteem, as we shall find out below.

When your teeth are properly aligned, you will have healthier gums. Furthermore, you will be able to effectively speak, chew, and bite. Through orthodontic treatment options, your crooked teeth in Winnipeg can be straightened, thus making them easy to clean and brush. As a result, you will experience less plaque. Jaw misalignment is yet another abnormality that can be resolved using orthodontic treatment. If left untreated, the misalignment could potentially cause abnormal tooth surface wearing, neckline pains, facial pains, and headaches.

In most cases, orthodontic treatments can be used to resolve issues that would otherwise cause more costly dental treatment procedures.

• Early treatment – For the pre-adolescent patients, early treatment is critical for space preservation, as well as eliminating the need for orthognathic surgery.
• Treatment for patients of all ages – an ever-increasing number of adults are resorting to orthodontics treatment methods to fully optimize their smiles and dental health.
• Non-Extraction Technique – one of the most important aspects of modern orthodontic forms of treatment is the fact that they are popular for creating full smiles, healthy jaw functioning, attractive profiles, and optimal lip support.
• Speed Braces – The recent technology means you will need fewer appointments while treatment times are faster.
• Tooth-coloured braces – When you have crooked teeth in Winnipeg, you may opt for tooth-coloured braces, especially if your desire is a more aesthetic orthodontic treatment option. The subtle braces perfectly blend in with the natural tone of your teeth.

Mouth Guards in Winnipeg

Since mouth guards are so precisely designed and constructed, they are capable of providing you with an optimal level of comfort and protection, which you will never achieve when using over-the-counter mouth guards.

The level of comfort and protection you get from custom-fitted mouth guards in Winnipeg is unmatched by other guards you could buy at your local sporting goods store. The durability of the customized guards is further enhanced by their snug shape that hugs every tooth closely, thereby eliminating any unwanted movement. If you violently gnash, grind, or clench your teeth at night, then your custom-fitted mouth guards can be made to have a thicker construction to alleviate and reduce pressure on your jaws.

Do mouth guards last a long time?

The customized mouth guards in Winnipeg are durable and it is highly unlikely that they will ever lose their unique shape like the ones bought from stores. Even so, you may need replacements after several years, depending on how fast it wears or the level of wearing over time. The replacements are also influenced by the changes in the wearer’s teeth or mouth, as well. Children, on the other hand, will need their custom-fit mouth guards in Winnipeg updated on a more frequent basis to accommodate the changes in their mouths. Your orthodontist or dentist will also advise you to bring your mouth guard to every dental checkup to make sure it still fits properly.