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The New Trend of Weed Infused Beauty Products

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A new ingredient that is gaining in popularity in the beauty world is weed. Marijuana or weed infused beauty products are becoming more and more popular because of its many rumoured benefits. From glowing, soft skin to a pain reliever, weed-infused beauty products appear to be the new and natural ingredient that is perfect for all your ailments and beauty requirements. Beauty products made from hemp seed oil, a variant of cannabis has been found to be a miracle solution to all your problems.


  • Weed? Won’t that make me high?


The most common question to arise when speaking of weed-infused beauty products is whether it can get you high. When saying weed-infused beauty products, we actually mean CBD hemp infused beauty products. CBD or Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive and medicinal component of marijuana. CBD hemp is sourced from hemp which has very low levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. Also, when applied to the skin, it does not have the power to get high. So, no, it cannot induce a “high.”


  • How is it good for the body?


Weed-infused beauty products contain hemp seed oils which are a rich source of fatty acids, vitamin C, A, and E, all of which have numerous benefits for the body. These nutrients are good for keeping your skin healthy and can be found in weed-infused moisturizers and lotions.

CBD has also been found to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it a good product for people who have eczema and acne. Scientists have discovered that weed can relieve anxiety and depression symptoms. Hence, weed-infused beauty products are good for your skin and can uplift your mood.


  • The legal aspect


Several countries like Canada and some states of the US have legalised marijuana. People have become more open-minded and accepting of conversations involving the use of marijuana for the good of the body. With several celebrities stating that they use weed-infused beauty products for their body, more and more people are willing to try the products for themselves.

From lotions to serums and soaps, the cosmetic industry has already taken advantage of the interest people have in weed-infused beauty products. There are a host of weed-infused beauty products available in the market advertising the myriad of benefits it has for the body. While more research needs to be done, the current data available makes it clear that weed-infused beauty products cannot harm you and is, in fact, a good and healthy alternative to your regular beauty products.