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The best fonts to use for business flyers

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There is no denying the fact that your business flyers can have a significant impact over the ways in which you promote your business. For those who do not know, brochures are basically pieces of paper that are meant to help you inform your target audience all about your products and services. For this reason, it is extremely important for the brochure that you get designed by a web design company in Dubai to contain essential information that highlights what your company can offer.

Apart from everything else, it is necessary for your business flyer to be as adequately designed as possible. The professional that you hire to design it should make sure that it relays the information you want to convey better. The right elements should be placed and used so the readers can better understand your business proposition, including the fonts.

As we all know, there are several different fonts that can be used for textual purposes. A few of the fonts that are best used for flyers are inclusive of:

PT Serif

For some designers, using a Serif font for flyers might not be a good idea since this type of font can affect the legibility of the content. However, the one thing for sure about the PT Serif font is that it is an exception due to its proportional weight and design. This particular font is best used for content titles and headlines and will also look good in print.

Open Sans

The utilization of this particular Google font is highly recommended for web and for print both. The good thing about this San Serif font is that the letters are legible in any letter forms, whether it is bold, italic, or its normal font face. The friendly appearance and neutral look of this font makes it usable for business flyers’ content and title.

Gravitas One

This is yet another Serif font and its utilization is highly recommended for business flyers. When you look at it first, the overall weighty appearance of the font might make it look a little heavy for the flyers. But if used wisely, it can highlight brochure titles. It can also be used for large formats as the typeface design would look legible on large prints.


People who know about the Ubuntu brand would definitely know about this font. If truth be told, this particular font is commonly used across the web these days, not only because of the name but because of its design. A San Serif font, this typeface is known for its smooth but legible characteristics. The design is also clean and simple which is pleasant to the reader’s eyes. Visit for more details.