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The Arrest and Release System

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No one wants to think about what would happen were they ever to be arrested, but the fact is that people are taken in on suspicion of crimes every day, and it’s important to have a sense of what to do should you ever have to deal with that situation.

Under our legal system, the police must have evidence of a crime in order to arrest a suspect, which involves putting them in handcuffs and taking them into custody at the police station. Once the suspect is “booked” officially with the police, a set amount of bail will be established. This is the amount of money needed in order to release the suspect from jail. One released, the suspect will be free to begin creating a defense strategy with an attorney, which will be presented in court. Obviously, being released and allowed to live at home awaiting trial is a much more attractive scenario than staying in jail, so raising bail funds to pay for release is imperative. What happens, though, if the suspect’s family lacks the required funds?

Raising Bail Funds

Since many people are without the needed funds to attain release from jail, they can be obtained through 24 hour bail bonds denver co or though another bail bonds company in the local area. Bail bonds are a type of loan given to cover the amount established by the court. Once the trial is over, the amount of bail will be returned to the suspect, and it can then be repaid, with interest, to the bail bond company. The setup of obtaining bail is straightforward. A bail bond can be taken out by a friend or a family member, and the repayment can be worked out as soon as the bail funds are returned by the court.

Obviously, no one wants to be in a position to need release from jail, but if the situation should arise, it’s good to know that at least a system is in place that can cover the needed funds as a suspect is establishing their case.