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The 6 Best Books About Travel of 2019

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A year is about to unfold. Get rid of just skimming your Instagram feed of other people’s travels. It is about time to take a digital detox and get yourself a new book to read. Several authors in the travel category just published good books to bury yourself. These books will surely take you to a series of journeys and employ new insight into the world where we live in. Besides, it will surely inspire you to get out and explore various places that you’ve also seen online while surfing the net. And if ever you’re decided to take reading into the next level you’ll have flightstatus24 as you travel companion. It’s one of the popular systems that allows you to be notified in real-time regarding your flight. But before that, here’s what to read when you’ve been bitten by the travel bugs.

Literary Places

As per the majority of authors, settings do play a significant role in any plotline. One best example is New York City’s Central Park Lagoon being populated by ducks that captures Holden Caulfield’s attention in The Catcher in the Rye. Another one is the arid plains of La Mancha in Don Quixote. For this new book, Sarah Baxter, the author and travel journalist explore those areas and added 23 more literary locations worldwide. She was able to bring them to life as being characterized by her engaging prose and hand-drawn illustrations. This will inspire you to book a flight right away.

Underground: A human history of the worlds beneath our feet

Have you ever think or being bothered about what lies underfoot? Will Hunt, a curious teenager discovered an abandoned subway tunnel running just underneath his Rhode Island home. Years later, he set out to explore more of the many abandoned subway stations. But not just that, he also added mines, caves, catacombs, tombs, bunkers, and other subterranean sites he could ever think of. His first ever expeditions were able to bring to life some of the corners of the world that are often unnoticed just like the 35,000-year-old mine.

Around the world in 80 trains: A 45,000-mile adventure

Monisha Rajesh, a journalist, has set out on a 45,000-mile trek around the world. The said act left the majority of her closest friends and even relatives scratching their heads in disbelief while thinking what made her do it. She took over seven months and 80 train rides as she circumnavigated the world. The duo starts in western Europe followed by Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, Canada, Kazakhstan and so on.

Wayfinding: The Science and mystery of how humans navigate the world

There was a time wherein GPS has become the de facto mode of one’s navigation. The author and journalist M. R. O’Connor take a step back to analyze and explore another medium of finding ways throughout the entire history. The book calls us out to get rid of depending on smartphones and step outside, explore one’s surroundings in a way that ancient humans did before we lose the ability to do so.

Great Cities through travelers’ eye

This anthology was able to capture 28 of the most captivating places around the world as being seen by the eyes of the explorers across the millennia. This book detailed one’s traveler tale in exploring cities like Cairo, Beijing, Rome and other cities across our continent.

Airline maps: A century of art and design

During the start of commercial travel, airline companies come up with some attractive ways to lure passengers to fly. One method was creating colorful maps that feature various destinations where their fleet can fly. This does not only focus on the history of the maps but also the history of design