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Teen Arrested for Buying Illegal Drugs off the Dark Web

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A teenager from New Zealand, who according to the sources has been identified as Elias Smith, has been arrested by the law enforcement on the charges of buying illegal drugs from the dark web. Elias is an ex-student at one of the nation’s most reputed high schools.

Why Smith was arrested?

The investigators have stated that Smith used to import Class-A drugs into his parents’ home at North Shore and used to sell them on dark web markets, which are the part of the deep web. A variety of illegal substances and drugs had been imported to his address successfully. The parents of the culprit were in complete dismay following this incident, as they were unaware of these happenings, said Russell Collins who was assigned as the judge for the case. Bitcoins were used by the suspect as a mode of payment to order drugs from all across the globe via the dark net.

The Complete Investigation on this Case

The investigation for the case began back in October 2015, when the teen was in his final year at Albany Senior High School, began importing drugs into his parents’ home address. Digging deeper into the case, the detectives intercepted a package originated from Canada on 7th of October the same year. This package was intercepted at the mail center of Auckland International Airport where about 80 tabs of lysergic acid were confiscated earlier. The police decided to keep a close watch on other such packages in the future, and took a note of the shipment address.

Discovering that Smith might be on the police’s watch list, he decided to ask for help from his friend Nicholas Baker. Smith had asked Baker if Baker’s family’s house could be used as the shipment address for all the drug shipments with a $200 fees for every successful delivery. Whether or not the drug shipments were shipped to Baker’s home during that time is yet unclear.

A package originating from Germany was intercepted by the border customs on June 2, 2016. This package was addressed to Baker, and contained amphetamine sulfate. Following this, another package originating from Poland and addressed to Baker was intercepted by the police. This package contained 760 tablets of lysergic acid including a sheet of blotter paper laced with fentanyl.

The law enforcements raided Baker’s home with a search warrant on November 10. While checking Baker’s room, they found 2, 5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine (commonly known as DOM) and lysergic acid. This took Baker’s parents to a huge shock, as they stated they were not aware of the actions of their son. The law enforcements also successfully raided Smith’s home in suspicion of similar misconducts.

Smith was unavailable at the time of the raid. However his parents gave the detectives permission to check Smith’s room. The detectives found set of scales, a package from Poland which contained methamphetamine and lysergic acid. Documents showing Smith’s investment in Bitcoins along with a cellphone were also found and confiscated by the police.

The contents of the phone were downloaded for further investigation. Some of these contents included text messages between Smith and his buyers, with different drug lessons and sales prospect. With hard evidence at hand, the police immediately arrested Smith. These evidences would be presented in the court before the judge. Smith declined to comment during his arrest.

The Decision of the Court

Following the hearing, Smith’s judge pushed for a lighter punishment for him. According to Smith’s judge, these drugs were not for commercial purpose.

The judge stated that the crimes committed by Smith were defined by the Parliament as a case of drug dealing. He finally sentenced Smith to two to three months.

Given that Smith had no prior record of any felony- he would receive a two year reduction for his age. An additional one year was also reduced for Smith’s personal circumstance and another year for his rehabilitation efforts. A total of 25 percent reduction was given for his guilty plea.

Smith’s friend Baker was also sentenced to eight months of house detention and 100 hours of community services in the North Shore. These sentences came under the fact that the level of the illegality of Baker was comparatively lighter than Smith, hence he was given a lighter punishment. Both the culprits will remain under police surveillance until they have finished up their terms.

The Bottom Line

New Zealand’s teen drug problem has been emerging rapidly in recent times. A report shows that these teens are buying drugs from the dark web using Bitcoins as the mode of payment. These drugs are imported internationally and then sold to fellow teenagers. This problem highlights a bigger drug problem in New Zealand, exclusively related to the increased use of deadly synthetic opioids like fentanyl. A statistical report from the Health Quality & Safety Commission, the usage rates of fentanyl has doubled since 2011. Operations like Operation Tiger, which was launched to counter and mitigate drug criminals have been a success so far.