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Some False Beliefs about Playing Roulette Online

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Roulette is a game that has many myths associated with it. Everyone has their own perception about these. Few choose to believe in these while few others believe that these are mostly false beliefs.

You tend to play this game based on your belief system. However, generally, it is always safe not to trust any of the stories going around as they do not have any solid logical proof.

Some myths about roulette

  • The game is swindled

This myth is commonly circulated by people who lost their bet. Hence, this is the top myth. Just because someone kept losing their bets, it makes it seem that the game is rigged.

  • Roulette software is programmed to win

Yet another popular misconception, especially in an online casino, is that the software that is used to operate the roulette could be programmed in favour of the casino owners.

  • The roulette wheel has a memory

Sleeping numbers as they may be called is a common myth that any numbers that aren’t or that haven’t been coming up for some time will have more chances of winning in the near future. This may sound logical to some but this doesn’t work. There are cases of many repetitions of the same numbers continuously.

  • Too many wins will be prohibited by the casino

This is another good myth. You may feel that the casinos could do this as they are at the losing end and it is only natural for them to do anything that is good for them to prevent them from losing money. However, this is not true.

  • Bonuses increases the chance of winning

Some players or even some casinos propagate the concept of more bonus could mean more chances to win. This is said because more bonuses you have, you are more likely to play again. As a matter of fact, more the number of trials and more the number of betting, the more chances you have to win. This is again a very common myth in the casino industry, not just applicable for a roulette game.

  • First colour sure wins

Some people have a belief that if they bet on the first colour that their eyes are set on, then they have more chances to win. However, this may sound a bit weird for some.

  • Applying mathematics

Some believe that applying the logical calculation and mathematics to the past spin results may help them in predicting the future results.

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Are you a seasoned roulette player and you know of any online roulette myths that’s left out here? Tell our readers about it. It sure will get very interesting. Share your expert roulette advice with us too!