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Reasons why Vaping is Better for your Health than Smoking

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Smoking cigarettes can kill you; this is a fact that is indisputable. According to recent research, there is still a massive number of individuals around the world that still smoke despite knowing the consequences of smoking. There is a large number of people over the years that have successfully managed to give up this harmful habit. However; there are people out there who still smoke but wish they could quit smoking. Vaping has now become increasingly popular because it has become an alternative to smoking. Discussed below are some reason why vaping is considered to be healthier than smoking.

Smoking Kills

An article that was published in 2013 revealed that approximately 1 billion people across the globe would die this century as a result of smoking traditional cigarettes. There are a lot of lung diseases that are associated with smoking such as lung cancer, strokes, and heart diseases. All these diseases are as a result of smoking tobacco.  

Passive smoking is dangerous

Passive smoking dangerous. The regular inhalation of secondhand cigarette smoke can be harmful.  Passive vaping refers to the act of a bystander inhaling the vapor from an e-cigarette that is being used by someone who is vaping. Unlike smoking, secondhand vapor or aerosol is not harmful to bystanders. This shows that vaping has some good health benefits to bystanders as opposed to smoking.  You need to know that if you passively inhale vapor from a person who is using nicotine, you will most probably inhale some nicotine too. However, nicotine inhaled by a bystander from someone using a vape is just but a fraction of the amount of nicotine the bystander would have inhaled from a person who is smoking. To know more about passive vaping, visit the V2 E Cigs for more information.

Lower risk of Lung cancer

Studies have shown that vaping does not damage the lungs of person the way smoking does. This is because there is a low consumption of nicotine for a person who vapes as compared to a person who smokes. This shows that vaping is much healthier than smoking.

Less Addictive

It is the nicotine that is in the traditional cigarettes that makes smoking addictive. While using e-cigarettes, you can control the levels of nicotine in your vape-pen, and this is the reason why vaping is less addictive to smoking. In countries such as Australia, commercially available e-liquids should not contain nicotine, and that is the reason why vaping is not addictive.

Increase in Blood oxygen levels

Our bodies need oxygen for proper functioning, and if we lack oxygen in our blood system, there can be complications in our health. Tobacco smoke is known to produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is capable of lowering the oxygen levels in the blood of a smoker. This is the reason why smokers are less fit than non-smokers. Carbon monoxide enters an individual whenever the person inhales tobacco smoke.  Vaping does not increase the levels of carbon monoxide. Therefore, the oxygen levels of a person who vapes are normal as compared to the oxygen levels of a smoker. For more information on the health benefits of vaping to smoking visit the V2 E Cigs UK.. Website.