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New Puppy Essentials

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Who can resist those adorable, puppy dog eyes? Not you, for sure as you are now the proud parent of a newborn pup.

To make this furry baby’s life on earth as enjoyable as possible, here are some tips to remember:

  • Vet visit. Keep this on top of your first things to do so you can create a vaccination plan. Ask about the proper puppy supplies and puppy food brands, and know about other care and health concerns.

  • Provide a comfortable home. New pups can still be skittish especially around unfamiliar faces. Comfort it by minimizing exposure to loud noises and avoid too much handling especially by rambunctious kids. Settle it in a well-ventilated area with spare beddings (as they tend to wee when excited or nervous).

  • Establish good habits. Getting a new puppy will also mean that you will have to train it. Start with potty training and look into enrolling it in socialization classes, for starters.

  • Be alert. Puppies are susceptible to infections and illnesses in their first few weeks so better be on the safe side and familiarize yourself with the first signs of sickness. Have the vet’s number handy so you will be ready for any emergencies.

As a puppy parent, you need to be ready with all the things that involve caring for a baby doggie. Ensure that you are ready for the responsibilities that owning a puppy entails and be sure to shower it with love and affection.


Samantha Vince is the sales manager and animal nutritionist at Pet’s Delight. As an animal lover, Samantha has worked in the pet and equine industry for over seven years. Due to her passion and commitment to ensuring animals are fed a nutritious and tailored diet, becoming an animal nutritionist was a natural choice, and now she provides nutritional and product advice to customers on a daily basis. For nutritional advice specific to your pet, you can contact her on