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More Success Through Long-Term Thinking In Betting

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Sports Betting is about more than just the simple hint of a gut feeling. If you want to get better at betting, you have to learn what it’s all about and what it takes to succeed.

What Sports Betting Is All About

It seems natural to many: if you win a sports bet, then it went well, and that is synonymous with success. If you lose, it is terrible. Many derive from this, in sum, whether they are good or not. Sounds obvious, but it’s wrong. The reason is that in this analysis, it is judged only after the settlement of the bet, whether it was good or bad. In fact, but should be known before the conclusion of the event, whether a good bet was played. So it’s about the tip together with use. At this point, a lot of mistakes can be made.

When Is A Bet Good?

Very important: It does not matter if you lose the bet or win to see if a good bet has been played. For this, you have to go to the moment of the bet and not to the result. It’s all about probabilities that provide the basis of the odds, but also of your own tips. The bookmaker determines possibilities, which he then converts into quotas with margin. Now it is crucial to analyze these quotas. A direct conversion into probabilities is possible via the formula 1 / quote * 100. Quote, 2.00 implies the possibility of 50%.

After that, the sports weather determines its own probabilities, regardless of the bookmaker. For a variety of factors influence, for example, the previous games in the season, injuries, the motivation of the teams or the current form and even Free Bets UK. Once this is done, your own probability is comparable to that of the bookmaker. Now you can see if there is a value, say: a possible value in the bet. This is the case if your own quota is below that of the bookmaker. The tipper thus calculates a higher probability than the bookmaker and can then benefit from its quota, this difference is significant, even if in exceptional cases, a bet is not necessarily placed. To put on an outsider with the quota 100.00, does not bring much if even a 95.00 quota was calculated as fair. Also, the own calculation is subjective and therefore by no means guaranteed correct.