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Miami: The Place Where Food Is a Unique Fusion of Cuisines

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Miami, the land of the sun and the sea is also a food lover’s delight and the cuisine is as diverse as the culture of this beach city. since this is a city built by Latin American, Caribbean and Cuban immigrants, food available here is an amazing amalgamation of the traditional cuisines of these places and the local ingredients available here. Thus it is a known fact that food never tasted as unique and original as it does in Miami.

Participants of the Miami Food Tour are thus treated to a unique combination from the queso, the fried chicken, the Cuban sandwich, the fritas, the pastelitos and the famously favoured Key lime pie, all cooked in a style which is inherent to Miami. With enchanting cocktails providing the perfect accompaniment, Miami is really a place for lazy fun and frolic coupled with an amazing food experience. Food adventurers can also try their hand at local traditional delights like the chicharron which is made from delectably fried pork belly, the mamey juice, which happens to be Miami’s most well-kept secret, etc. This sweet and creamy tropical fruit is something which draws food lovers from all over the world and is a must try for anyone visiting Miami.

With plenty of opportunities available to burn off the extra calories, sampling, consuming and repeating food in Miami leaves no mark on the health conscious visitor. Some of the local dishes which a Miami visitor should try are the seasonal Stone Crabs, the Cachapas, a pancake made from sweet corn and filled with oozing cheese, the “Cuban Crack”, a sweet caffeine beverage which is a Cuban staple, the Spanish Tapas, the Portugese Feijoada etc.

Food in Miami is thus an opportunity which is too good to pass and the variety available here makes it possible for a visitor to opt for several food tours to Miami before he is able to completely sample all that this beautiful place has on offer by way of food.