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Keeping Tabs on Your Employees Computer Use at Workplace

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Being a business owner is not easy. It requires you to undertake millions of tasks. One of them includes keeping an eye on your employees during office hours. Since you have so many tasks on your plate, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep tabs on your employee’s computer use and other online activities at the workplace.

It is not practically possible for you to hover around your employees all the time and keep an eye on their computer screens. To make employers’ lives easier, software companies have developed efficient monitoring solutions that help make employee monitoring possible.

Most employers hand over company-owned electronic devices to their employees so they can use them during office hours. They can also use them after working hours but monitoring would not be applicable then. To monitor their computer use and other activities on their mobile phones, most companies have deployed iPhone or Android spy apps on their devices.

Why Employee Monitoring is Essential for Businesses?

We cannot stress the importance of employee monitoring in an organization. Employee monitoring has become the need of the hour. With several electronic devices and gadgets being used by the employees, the employers simply cannot keep an eye on them individually and track their employees’ work.

For tracking employees’ performance, most employers have now turned to monitoring solutions to get real-time updates. Before we can discuss the types of employee monitoring tools, we need to understand why employee monitoring has become essential for organizations.

Almost in every company, lazy and inefficient employees can be found. These employees waste time browsing the internet, chatting with their friends, talking to their family members on phone for long hours, or watching movies. Instead of focusing on the task, they waste time during office hours.

Employee monitoring solutions are kept in place to track such lazy and laidback employees in an organization. On the other hand, there are some dishonest employees working in a company that can put the company’s important information at risk.

These employees can disclose the company’s data to third parties or competitors and sell the data to them at a good financial gain. The only way to locate dishonest employees is to monitor their activities with the help of a good monitoring solution.

Different Types of Employee Monitoring Tools

Essentially, there are two types of employee monitoring solutions. One is known as the employee monitoring software and the other one is called the spying monitoring software.

The employee monitoring software is used by companies to monitor their employees’ activities on their computers during office hours without invading their personal privacy. These computer monitoring tools are used to record the active and idle time of the employees. They can also detect social media and internet usage.

Furthermore, pure employee monitoring tools can also record a full set of information about employees and all the activities that include their computer name, employee windows login name and time. They also record when activity was performed and for how long.

With all the above-mentioned information, employers can easily find out which activities are performed by the employees on their computers and at what time. These monitoring tools also generate automatic reports that display accurate information about employees’ activities on a computer or smartphone.

Another type of employee monitoring solution is known as spying monitoring software. Such kind of employee monitoring tool invades the personal privacy of the employees as it records their sensitive information.

For instance, with the help of spying employee monitoring tools, you can also track your employee’s computer use after the working hours. You can find out what sites they have been visiting, what videos they have been watching, or who they have been chatting with after working hours. Such spying tools are used by companies when they do not want to tell their employees about monitoring.

Several spy apps for Android and iPhone can be used by employers for this purpose. These apps can be discreetly installed on the devices before they are handed over to the employees for using them.

The Benefits of Using Employee Monitoring Solutions

Some of the benefits of using employee monitoring solutions are mentioned as follows:

  • The employer does not have to be an IT professional or computer expert to use employee monitoring software. Usually, employee monitoring tools are easy to install and use.
  • All the computer and mobile phone related activities taking place on the employee’s device are recorded automatically.
  • With the help of employee monitoring software, the employer can get hands on a daily report which provides them information about the computer-related activities.
  • If the employees are not using computers at the workplace, this time will be then recorded as idle. Paying attention to employees’ idle time is very important because it tells you how your employees are spending their idle time and what personal activities are they involved in. For instance, the idle time can help you understand whether your employee is talking to someone on the phone, chatting with a colleague, watching a movie, and much more.
  • Employee monitoring tools come in the form of computer software or mobile application. Depending on the type of platform your employee is using, you can install the software or app on their device accordingly.

By looking at the above-mentioned benefits of an employee monitoring solution, we can realize how important it is to have them at the workplace. You can keep tabs on your employee’s computer as well as mobile phone use during working hours and find out what they have been doing.

In case you find them wasting their time or trying to leak the company’s data to someone else, you can call them in and fire them before they can cause any serious harm to your company.