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Is It Really Better To Give Than To Receive?

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Do you remember that feeling you got when someone gave you a gift, especially one that you weren’t expecting? While you experience joy from getting the gift, often the other person gets just as much pleasure from having given it to you. There is a good reason for this. A person can experience happiness from giving a present, and that feeling often stays with him or her for quite a while.

Giving Brings Happiness

When you receive a present, you may be surprised, and the act often triggers feelings of happiness in your brain. However, if you continue to get the same gift over and over, your brain begins to adapt to that feeling, and soon the gift no longer brings joy. If you give presents, even if it is the same one over and over, your brain never adapts to that feeling of pleasure. This means the more you give, the happier you feel.

Finding the Right Gift

Some of the joy felt in gift giving is in the selection. When you think about what the other person would like, you connect with him or her emotionally, even if the individual is not present at the time. For example, if you know that your mother loves wine or chocolate, then deciding to send her food gift baskets will likely make her happy. This kind of present could also remind you of the time she shared amazing chocolate with you as a child. This can make you feel closer to her regardless of how far apart you are.

Reasons To Give Gifts

While holidays and birthdays are good times to give someone a gift, why not bring more joy to your life by giving gifts more often. You can send a treat to a college student to get him or her through finals, or to your new neighbors as a way to welcome them to the area.

No matter why you decide to give gifts or what you choose, just think of the joy it will bring to do so. This happiness may be more lasting than that felt when receiving a present.