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Is Electric under-floor heating system safe?

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The electric floor heating system is very popular in the chillier months of the year. They produce a comfortable feeling when the heat is radiated from the floor. Especially in the bathrooms, when the tiles are cold and plain, such systems bring comfort in winters.

But, you may have a question about its safety aspect since water and electricity is a dangerous combination. The simple answer to this question is “Yes, these flooring systems are an absolute safe form of heating.”

The system has built-in safety measures:

  1.    The Maximum temperature is around 40°C: Most of the electric floor heating systems don’t ever cross 40°C which is slightly higher than the normal body temperature. So, there is no risk of cables catching the fire.
  2.    Shock free: Every heater is individually tested at 5000 Volts to ensure its durability. Also, the cable and wires are covered by a PVC or fluoropolymer outer jacket for proper insulation to give protection and resistance.
  3.    Proper circuit breakers: As an additional safety, electric floor heating system also has built-in GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) circuit breakers that will cut off the power if the safety is breached.
  4.    Tested electric floor wires: The wires have been tested with all types of electric regulations and have various test certifications. This ensures physical durability and safety of the system.

Recommended for allergy sufferers:

Another important safety aspect and a bonus point is its utility for allergy sufferers. Being a radiant heat, the system heats the bodies within a room instead of air, keeping the air fresh and you warm. Therefore, it improves the air conditioning of the room. This benefit is not seen with conventional heating systems which reduce the humidity and make the air dry and uncomfortable.  In these heating systems, the quality of the air is improved, thus, this type of heating system is highly recommended for allergy sufferers.

Follows best practices installation process:

The best practice installation process is followed while manufacturing the electric floor heating systems.  The entire system is tested after installation by a certified electrician and all guidelines strictly adhere during manufacturing.

Can I install it in my bathroom?

Yes, you can install the system in your bathroom without any risks and fear. Thousands of customers install it every year without any risk in their bathrooms and kitchen. Do not worry about the short circuit as the system is complete in-built with safety measures.

The decade long proved track record of success:

This heating system is extremely safe, energy efficient and reliable system. For decades, people are using this system successfully without any difficulty. The system is truly time tested and trusted. Don’t think twice, if you want to install the system in your home and bathroom.