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Importance of Save the Dates for Engaged Couples

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Some people see save the dates as an added cost to their wedding expenses, while some view them as a chance to break away from the norm. Sending a save the date postcard to all your wedding guests is very important because your guests save the date on their calendars and they also get a chance to pass along some valuable information on planning a wedding.

Save the date cards allow you to include travel information for out-of-town invitees, provide a link to your wedding website, and allow your quests to start planning beforehand. The following are some benefits of save the dates for engaged couples:

  1. Give you a chance to announce your engagement: Save the date postcards act as a form of communication to announce your engagement. You can also include your engagement photos on the cards.
  2. You get to introduce your wedding theme: Through your save the dates cards, you can introduce the theme of your wedding to your guests: is it a glitz and glamor theme? A nautical theme? Etc. Your invitees will look forward to getting your wedding invitations following the same theme later on.
  3. Confirm your guest list: When you send save the date postcards in advance you are guaranteeing that whoever receives them is invited to attend your wedding.
  4. Adequate time to plan: If you are planning a destination wedding in a faraway location and have already booked your wedding date in advance, sending save the dates to your guests ASAP will give them plenty of time to plan. They will have time to save some money, ask for off-time from work, or book flight tickets. The earlier you tell them, the higher their chances of attending your momentous occasion.
  5. Feel more real: Without a doubt, sending save the dates will make your wedding appear more real.
  6. Reveal your personality: In many situations, your wedding invitations will be somehow formal, but save the dates cards give you a chance to break out of the box and show a little bit more creativity.

Details to include in your save the dates

The most obvious details you need to include in your save the dates is your names and the official wedding date. The location should also be included even if it is just the city and the state. Moreover, you should provide your wedding website link, so that your invitees can stay updated on the details of the event.

Who do I send the save the dates cards to?

Sending save the dates postcards to all the people you want to attend is very courteous, but given that you are on a really tight budget, sending the cards to only the out-of-town guests is also okay. The advance notification will give your guests plenty of time to research the area, make transport plans and book hotels.

The budget you set aside for your save the dates postcards will be highly dependent on where you purchase your cards and the amount you need to order.

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