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How to purchase dedicated servers at cheap rates?

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If the business needs a dedicated server, then there are a myriad of dedicated server providers who try to provide cheap services at affordable prices to lure customers. However, the business should make sure that it is not compromising with the essential specification of a dedicated server. 

Mentioned below are the two most important points to keep in mind when choosing a dedicated server service provider:

1. Hardware considerations 

When buying a dedicated server hosting service, keep in mind the hardware specifications that the server is offering. This will have a significant impact on the performance of the website. If you want to keep the hardware cost of your website to a minimum, then it is vital to carefully look into hardware configuration. The ideal hardware is the one that would be able to cater to hosting requirements for at least one year. For instance, a 1gbps dedicated server provides great bandwidth.

CPU: Plan a downtime of a minimum of fifteen minutes if you wish to upgrade CPU. This downtime should have no effect on the operating system of the server. 

Power Supply: Choosing the right power supply reduces the hassle of changing the chassis in the future. The power supply can come in single or dual options. Also, if you are going for a Linux operating system, then using a dual power feature will not necessitate the reinstallation of the kernel feature. However, when it comes to the windows operating system, a total reinstallation of OS gets necessary.

Hard disk: The upgrading capacity of the hard disk is depended on the type of chassis. 

Do not compromise on the quality of the hardware if opting for a dedicated server. Look for brands like HP, Dell, and IBM while selecting the hardware components.

2. Quality of Support 

A cheap dedicated server should never result in poor technical support from the service provider. Assess the technical support very carefully while paying attention to the hardware components. Also, make sure that the environment of the data centre and its other support services are analyzed for its efficiency so that your applications keep on running with an uptime exceeding 99.99%. The value of the technical support is important but can be gauged if the tech support is proficient and responsive.


These are the two most vital points to keep in mind when choosing a dedicated server service provider and should be kept in mind when making the final decision.