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How to Mirror a Hard Disk

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The process of hard disk mirroring is to reproduce a same synchronized reproduction of data from an HDD. Sometimes this process is referred to as synchronization, by keeping the data of two remote or local sources in perfect synchronization. With the help of hard drive mirroring program, you can either restore a system that is incapacitated to normal state or configure some computers to work identically. This process also helps in data recovery process.

How to mirror a hard disk

To begin with, you should get the most excellent hard disk mirroring tool: MiniTool.

Download and run this hard drive mirroring tool on the computer, and follow these steps to mirror the hard disk in Windows OS.

Step 1 – Start the tool on the computer

Start the tool on your PC after Download free version and install the executable file. Open the “Partition Wizard”, do right click on disk you want to mirror an select Copy or select Copy Disk from left side.

Note: This wizard has more purposes than just safeguarding your contents. It also allows you to mirror a hard drive to a different disk or partition, such as Windows systems, programs, files, personal settings, etc.

Step 2 – Select the targeted disk

Ensure that you select the correct disk for which you like to mirror the drive after connecting the device to the computer.

Note: The target disk must have a larger storage capacity than the actual disk, otherwise the hard drive mirroring will fail.

Step 3 – Mirroring processes and options

There are some options to change the mirroring process:

The first option is to adjust the size of both disks automatically; second option is to do mirroring sector by sector and third option is to align partitions for mirroring process.

As soon as hard drive mirroring starts, the program will warn you that this process will do overwrite all the data on the target disk. If you have safeguarded your data, clear the warning and start the process. After some seconds, you may end up mirroring your hard disk.

It’s all the disk clone process in Windows. Additionally, you can clone also any special partition with “Copy Partition Wizard”. Once you’ve finished cloning or mirroring process, you can change size, move or delete the partition with this tool that is certainly n wonderful freeware tool.

If you are facing a critical problem with your SSD card during mirroring process and need a specialized and agile data recovery services SSD, consider hiring a professional company.