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How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction

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Many couples face difficulties in their sexual life due to sexual impotence but most don’t dare to talk about it with their partners. They sometimes, live with it while denying that there is any problem in their sex life.

Even with the availability of sexologist, most couples prefer living in denial than addressing the elephant in the room. A sexologist often helps the couple address their sexual issues while making points to help improve their sexual performance.

Erectile dysfunction is an issue for men but also interested women. In a survey conducted by the FIFG, 64% of men say they have already been confronted by their partners.

So no matter how we look at it, most people are being brave and confronting the shadows than sulking. Never forgetting that through sex, people communicate what on a normal basis, they will shy away from.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Many causes can make erections difficult: cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, neurological damage following a stroke, erectile nerve damage following prostate surgery, or simply age, which causes a decline in testosterone production.

The first solution is to take drugs, which can be gotten from RXShopMD, this helps strengthen the erection.

Risk factors

Some factors are well known to increase erection disorder are:

  • Age (10 times more erectile dysfunction in the 60-70 years and 20 times more in the 70-80 years than in the 30-40 years old).
  • Cardiovascular risk factors: heart disease, high blood pressure, low cholesterol, diabetes, smoking.
  • Noncardiovascular factors; depression, prostatism, pelvis surgery, poor general condition.
  • Other factors: low income, emotional stress, lack of pleasure in life, lack of a partner

Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction is only of psychological origin in 20% of cases. Most times, it always occurs when the couple have low self-esteem and desires to impress the partner. Certain life events often attack the person’s self-esteem thereby making them anxious about what to do and what not to do.

When faced with divorce, unemployment, retirement, harsh words from partners and all negative impact can also contribute to the anxiety which the person feels at that time.

Notwithstanding marital conflict or even lack of knowledge of sex often attacks the nerves of the individual making the person impotent in action.

It is also pertinent to add that the best way to solve erectile dysfunction is to keep a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthily, drinking lots of water and working out helps improve the sexual strength of the person. You cannot say that you need something without putting much effort toward achieving your set objective.

Apart from that, it puts a smile on your partner’s face and implores effortless communication, bond and less misunderstanding between couples.

If a problem cannot be solved through sexual activity, then know very well that the couple does not have any business being together. Sexual impotence can be an issue, but it doesn’t have to be an issue when countered with drugs like Tadalafil which is also recommended by most physicians.