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How to Explain Rummy Game to New Player?

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There is not a single doubt regarding the popularity of online rummy platforms. Players could access their favorite rummy game on these portals and play with real players from different parts of the country. However, is it possible to explain the game to a new player? Obviously, yes! There are many articles and blogs that outline the basic rules, tips, and tricks for the game in a simple manner. In addition, the FAQs on popular online rummy portals such as Rummy Passion can help in addressing common questions about the game. The following discussion presents a simple introductory guide to 13 Card Indian rummy that new players could understand easily.

Basics of the Game

First of all, you need to understand that one can play the rummy game by drawing and discarding cards. Therefore, it is also known as the ‘draw-and-discard’ game. Players get a set of 13 cards each, and they have to arrange the cards in the form of sets or sequences. The most common variant of Indian Rummy i.e., 13 Card Rummy, can involve 2 players at the minimum. The maximum number of players allowed is 6.

Objectives of the Game

Now, let us know about the objective in a 13 Card Rummy game. The basic goal for players in 13 Card Rummy is to arrange their cards in sequences or sets. Sequences are the arrangement of three or more cards belonging to the same suite of cards in consecutive order. Sets are the arrangement of three or four cards belonging to the same rank, albeit belonging to different suites.

How to Play?

The approach to play 13 Card Rummy is very simple. However, you have to invest considerable effort in practice and development of skills for the game. Let us get started!

  • Players choose a dealer among them, and the roles change from player to player in subsequent games.
  • The dealer has to shuffle the cards together and then deal 13 cards each to all players on the table.
  • The dealer then picks up a card from the top of the remaining cards and then place it in an upward position. This card is the ‘Joker’ card that you can use as a substitute for other cards. In addition, you will also find the two printed joker cards that serve the same purpose.
  • The points of the cards are in an ascending order starting from 2 and then moving towards 10. The Jack, Queen and King cards are the high-value cards. The Ace card also has 10 points. The remaining cards have value according to the number on the cards.

Players can win a rummy game only if they achieve a valid declare. A valid declare in rummy is possible only if you achieve a pure sequence and one impure sequence. Furthermore, the remaining cards should also be in sequences or sets. Readers should know that pure sequences don’t have the joker card, while the impure sequence contains a joker card.


See, it is quite simple to learn how to play rummy and even explain it to a new player. As the new player would progress through different games, they would gain the necessary expertise in the game. It doesn’t matter if you are a new player. Your willingness to learn more about rummy can help you achieve success in rummy. Select a reliable online rummy portal and start learning, practising, and playing rummy right now!