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How to Determine which Animal Infests your House

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Do you often feel presence of someone or something in your house? Do you often hear noises in your kitchen, basement, store or cupboards? Do not fret, as it certainly is not ghost you should fear, it would be rodents in your house. They would be making the little scratching noise that you hear in various parts of the house. It may also be accompanied by a squeal or a squeak as well. However, how would you ensure which animal are you dealing with in your house. Before you actually think upon evicting them, you should be sure of what you are dealing with in your home.

Inspect the home for signs

The foremost step would be thorough inspection of your home for signs of rodent infestation. It would be pertinent to mention here that different problems would require different solutions. In event of your unwanted visitors are squirrels rather than mice, you would be required to make use of different strategy. You should look for the below mentioned signs when inspecting your home thoroughly.

  • Urine stains or droppings
  • Grease marks
  • Chew marks
  • Nests, sounds and tracks
  • Sightings

You should pay attention to minute details in the house before actually determining the kind of animal you are dealing with. In case, you were certain, it was mice causing all the trouble in the house, you should take appropriate action.

How to eliminate mice infestation

Before you actually contemplate on handling the rodent infestation on your own, you should consider hiring the services of professional mice exterminators. They would be able to handle your mice infestation needs in the right manner. The experts in the pest extermination arena would be able to make use of specifically designed methods to get rid of mice infestation for good.