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Home Renovation – Something to Think About Before You Start

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Any home renovation or home remodelling project can be just the thing to lift your spirits and help you stay active and fit. Most DIY home renovation projects start with good intentions and end in a mess – this is hardly spiritually lifting. Taking some time to learn about the all types of home renovation projects you want to try is the best way to start.

Ask yourself these questions before you start you DIY home renovations project

Ask yourself if you really know what work needs to be done – is it wall-papering or replacing the wall?

  1. What kind of budget do you have – is this going to be an expensive DIY home renovation? Do you need to hire a local tradesman for some of the work? or do you just need a couple things and a lot of elbow-grease?

  2. How long is this project going to take? Ripping up the bathroom to discover it’s going to take six months to put back together is a common reality.

  3. Are you working alone, or do you have any resources to support you – wife, husband, kids etc

  4. What are you expecting the finished project to look like – is it possible to achieve without professional assistance?

Some common areas of the house that are often tackled by DIY home renovation warriors are the Kitchen, the Bathroom and window replacements. All of these projects require skill to accomplish, but a little know-how can go a long way. First identify the true needs – is it a whole new kitchen including the cupboards and floor or do you really just need a new sink and backsplash?

It’s easy to get inspired, but not so easy to do the job. Give yourself an advantage by learning about the processes involved and the best way to accomplish the tasks required. If you need to live in the house during the renovations, you would be better off doing the kitchen for example, one small project at a time – otherwise, you’ll be getting take out until it’s all put back together!