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Health myths busted

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There may be a tonne of health ‘facts’ and information available online, but not all of them may be accurate.

There are countless myths on how to stay healthy, but here are the top three myths debunked:

1). Chewing gum takes seven years to digest

This myth has been around for years. Rodger Liddle, a gastroenterologist at the Duke University School of Medicine in the United States said, “Nothing would reside that long [in your system], unless it was so large it couldn’t get out of the stomach or it was trapped in the intestine.”

So, while chewing gum is composed of indigestible ingredients, it would take up to seven days to exit the body, not seven years.

2). Cracking your knuckles will lead to arthritis

Whether you habitually crack your knuckles or despise the sound of it, there has been a common misconception that it leads to arthritis. Arthritis is an incurable medical condition that damages the body’s joints, causing discomfort and pain.

Recent studies conducted by the University of Health Sciences, USA, indicate that knuckle cracking does not contribute to arthritis in the hands. While it doesn’t sound healthy, according to home doctor team at House Call Doctor, the sound that the joint makes when knuckles are cracked is simply gases dissolved in the fluid between joints forming bubbles which pop.

3). Cold weather can give you a cold

Everyone’s always told in the colder months to bundle up, otherwise they’ll end up catching a cold. However, this isn’t entirely true because cold weather itself isn’t what causes a cold.

For example, if someone was placed in a sterile room and the room’s temperature was being increased and decreased, they wouldn’t be any more likely to catch a cold.

Colds in the winter months are typically caused by other Winter factors such as very low humidity and constantly being indoors and surrounded by others who may be ill.

To combat this, our house call home doctors recommend using humidifiers, hand sanitisers and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a strong immune system through the colder months.