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Greater Options in Self Help

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First of all, learn to distinguish between failure and catastrophe, and missteps from fatal mistakes. Everyone has the right to remain calm in the event of an error, because it can be corrected.

If you are in a difficult situation, do the stunning Sage exercise. It is better to perform alone. Conveniently sit in a chair or on the couch. Close your beautiful eyes and imagine that you are in the spring forest, go along the familiar forest path, hear the birds singing, inhale full of forest smells. Here the path leads you to a beautiful glade, in the center of which grows a huge hundred year old oak tree. You see an old man sitting on the ground at the base of the oak.

Something in his appearance tells you that he is a sage. Suddenly, you realize that you have a unique opportunity to ask your sage this question and get an answer from him. Stop and formulate your question. Let it be concise and accurate. Now listen to the answer of the wise man. As you understood, these will be your own thoughts. Know that the sage lives in each of us. In the self help forum you can have the best options.

  • Write down your short and long term goals.
  • Reread and recite them often.
  • They will certainly come true.

Write a list of your winning cases. Each of them has a lot. Keep it in mind in your diary. Rely on your achievements and successes to maintain your boundless confidence. A simple re-reading of your wonderful list will give you joy and optimism.

In a difficult moment, smile or remember a funny incident from your life or something pleasant. A smile is a universal medicine that treats many troubles wonderfully.

Change activities during the day:

  • Do some physical exercise,
  • Think over the plan for tomorrow or the next week and write it in your diary,
  • Water the flowers,
  • Make an entry in your diary, if available,
  • Read news from the world,
  • Plan your tomorrow, etc.

Be sure to thank and please yourself, beloved. Give yourself gifts after finishing any hard work. Let the gift be all the more expensive, the more difficult and more difficult was the completed work.

Learn to discount what you have achieved. So you will never get sick of star disease. Your achievements are great, but this is the past. Today we must strive for new heights, not dwelling on what was yesterday. Live in the present, exactly what you are doing today, now, gives a brilliant result in your tomorrow.

Try to relax. Everyone can figure out how to do it more effectively. I can only suggest options: a good book, a favorite movie, a walk in the park, exercise, pleasant cosmetic procedures, communication with nature, classical music, a delicious dinner with people you love, communication with an optimistic person, long sleep, water treatments like a shower at home or swimming pool, really a day off without phone calls and conversations, hiking, cycling.