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Don’t just feel be the spark in the wedding ceremony

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A major shift has been noticed in the industry associated with bridal products. Let it be clothes, makeup kits and accessories everything has been launched and this is for the beautiful bridesmaid who are going to assist her friend on the main day of her life.

Firstly this industry was just focused on brides but now the designers are also focusing on bridesmaid because this has opened new path of business for them. The burgundy bridesmaid dresses are being preferred and people are actually paying attention on them. Now, the bridesmaid must not be worried about boring blue dresses of chiffon and those fluffy gowns that make noise in the wedding ceremony.

The subtle change-

Why this has happened is a question because this industry was wrapped for years and the bridesmaid has no choice. She had to wear the dresses that were selected by the brides and those dresses were literally drastic. This was like a tradition that was being followed for generations but now when the wedding cost is rising up the tradition has changed as well.

Weddings are expensive and the average price has doubled up. This is the reasons that couples and parents are focusing on marriages that incur low cost and due to this the weddings are getting formal. Therefore, from dresses to venues everything is influenced by this.

Guilt is another factor because now the brides are well versed with the fact that the bridesmaid (her dear friend) will be wearing the dress once. Therefore, they have become choosy and equal importance is being provided on the silver mother of the bride dresses.

Move aside from white-

Earlier the white gowns were considered royal and the mothers used to pass this to her daughter and daughter to her children. So, this was a chain but this is completely different from the bridesmaid because they wear it once or maximum twice in their entire lifespan.

The choice of color must not be wedding specific because this enables the bridesmaid to wear the dress on other occasions as well. However, it is literally a head aching task when it comes to color selection. But according to the fashion experts it is ideal if the colors are selected according to the season. However, there are colors that can be worn throughout the year without any problem.

There are platinum, pewter and silver shades and these are metallic and they go easy with women of any age. They are good option for formal parties and can easily gel in casual parties as well.

Style can be checked from magazines and online and the accessory selection must be specific and it has changed a bit. So, it’s better to make sure that all the things set together for a good look.