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Do You Need Horse Insurance?

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You’ve put a lot of time and energy into your horse, not to mention money. We all hope nothing will happen to our beloved equine friends, but sometimes it does. Protect that investment and get a horse insurance quote. You can buy a policy to cover medical expenses, injury, loss of use and death. It won’t replace your beloved friend, but it can help toward the cost of treatment or replacement.

Medical Coverage

Vet care is expensive; there is no way around that. If your horse becomes ill, you could be facing major bills on top of the already hefty cost of caring for a horse. Equine insurance covers vet visits, surgery, diagnostic tests and most things that your medical insurance covers for you and your family. Be sure to ask about coverage and deductibles when you ask for a horse insurance quote.

Accidental Injury

If you are showing a horse or racing, it is a good idea to be sure your equine insurance policy covers injuries that happen during travel. Loading in and out of trailers, being hauled long distances and even air travel are all part of the terrain of competition, and these activities increase the chance of your horse being injured.

Loss of Use

Not only does equine insurance cover medical costs and travel accidents, but it can reimburse you in the event that your horse is too injured or ill to compete any longer. These types of policies are usually only worthwhile if a horse is competing or racing at the international, high stakes level.

Death Benefits

When you buy medical coverage for your horse, many companies advise you to also get a mortality policy. Your horse can be covered by full mortality insurance, which pays the value of your horse at the time you purchased the policy, or limited mortality, which covers your animal in certain special circumstances such as travel.

Expense is part of the equine world. Protect yourself and your horse with an equine insurance policy in case the unthinkable happens.