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Discover the Big Island: Best Ideas to Spend Time in Hawaii

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If you decided to visit the island of your dream – Hawaii, you certainly should note this list of the main activities to do on the amazing island.

Rent a car to explore the island

The best way to observe the island is to apply to car rental in Hawaii. The first place to visit on a rented car is the heart of Hawaii – Honolulu. It is the capital of the island, famous for its volcanic crater Diamond Amadeus and Pearl Harbor. Actually, in translation from Hawaiian, “Honolulu” means “secluded bay”. This bay, closed from ocean storms and hurricanes, has become one of the most popular resort areas in Hawaii: here is tender golden sand, beautiful nature, exceptionally mild climate, endless ocean blue and luxury hotels.You must not expect for public transport – you will not get to the best attractions and excursions and are more expensive, and restrict freedom. The most convenient variant will be to rent a car in Honolulu airport and start your acquaintance with the island.

Walk on the black beach

A very unusual place is worth your attention. Because of the constant volcanic activity, the beach mainly consists of black sand. It is also a popular place for Hawaiian turtles of the green sea, who like to burrow into the warm black sand

Goon the bounty-beaches

Hawaiian beaches resemble those ones depicted on the postcards like classic “Bounty” bar. On Oahu, you will wind lots of such beaches. The main are Lanikai Beach and Waikiki. There is the transparent water, free parking and the presence oftwo small islets near the shore. As a bonus, you can stroll to a low mountain right next to the beach behind the turquoise waters.

Add hunting to shrimps and sushi

In addition to the giant waves, the north of Oahu is popular due to its food cars, and the most famous food-dish is garlic shrimp. Food cars are really scattered all over the coast, the most famous of them are ROMY’s and Giovanni’s. Shrimps are excellent, but prices are from $16 in a regular truck and to $20 in a tourist’s one.

Love pineapples

When you say Oahu, you think about pineapples. As it is written in one fashionable city magazine: “Pineapple is the most important fruit in Hawaii”. It is sold almost everywhere, in whole or in cut form, in the form of juice and smoothies. In Oahu there is the famous plantation DOLE – an important public space of the island, which collects young and creative tourists from every part of the Earth. Use Hawaii car rental in order to reach this place.

Do diving

Underwater world of local coastal waters is diverse and colorful. The most popular dive site is the flooded Molokini crater on the island of Maui. For fans of sunken ships, the island of Oahu will be especially interesting. On the Kona Coast you can immerse yourself in the Cave of the Eel, Tortoise burrow and make a Night encounter with the mantle (big ramp).

The island of Maui serves as a popular observation point for whales from December 15 to April 15 of each year.

Spend a day in Kauai

Kauai is called “Garden Island”. The well-groomed botanical gardens, the geological wonders of the Waimea Canyon, the incredible carved cliffs of the Na Pali coast can surprise everybody. Here you also can:

  • take a SUV in car rental for trips around the island;
  • make a pilgrimage to a Hindu temple on a sacred Hawaiian site;
  • visit the locations of the famous Hollywood movies.