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Classroom Trends That Are Changing The Face Of Education

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In today’s world, the invention of new technology and advancement of old technology has exhibited no traces of slowing down. It has an equal impact in the field of education in today’s mobile-centric world. This technological trend is now followed even in the classroom.

Along with this, every school and college ensures that they are up-to-date updated with the latest technology so that students are availed with the best technology available. Let us have a look at the latest classroom technology that is expected to reform the learning trends in the next few years.

Digital Textbooks-

Getting new textbooks every year is now becoming more expensive for the parents. Also with the latest edition of books and constant change of syllabus every alternate year adds a major issue. It is thus digital textbooks that adds a relief, which is cost-effective and can be easily updated as per requirement.

Along with this, it is easy to carry digital books of many subjects when compared to carrying textbooks of many subjects.


As the name suggests, gamification includes study along with the game, which makes learning more of fun and engaging. This process involves game mechanics to be integrated into studies that motivate and engage students to learn with ease. Therefore it improves students participation with a positive inspiration for learning. Games such as fast counting of the Prime numbers in a classroom or even or odd number, etc. can be effective in drawing the attention of the students in a classroom. Thus studies and games can go hand in hand.

Remote Learning-

This type of learning includes learning from a remote place or from home, without being present physically in the actual place. Students can attend video lectures or access the content provided through the use of the internet. Some of the technologies involved in remote learning also include email, social media, class forums, video conferencing, etc.

Flipped Learning-

Flipped Learning is the contrary of regular classroom-based learning. Students will be handed studying material beforehand. For instance, students learn their algebra chapters at home by watching the video lecture, studying the content in detail online and then doing their homework in class.

Mind Mapping- 

Mind Mapping is a powerful graphic technique that is a key to unlock the potential of a brain. It makes learning interactive and it is passive. This helps students to understand and recall information. Mind mapping can be applied to every facet of life.

All these techniques add a major advantage in learning, especially to learn about the new technology along with education. Schools and Colleges are now focusing more to learn through the new technology. Students can learn various conceptual topics such as Parabola, Quadratic equation, DNA, Cell structure etc. with ease and interest. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel to get the in-depth knowledge of various concepts.