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Choose a wheelchair accessible vehicle representing a new era in mobility

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The uses of wheelchairs need to choose a vehicle that is not a minivan or even a full sized van. The special wheelchairs are designed in such a way that has popular chassis. This is what personifies action and independence. The features of these vehicles are amazing and incredible.

How good is the performance?

The drivers of the vehicles demand a mobility vehicle that has both style and swag. It is one of the best wheelchairs of braunability mxv. It is the first wheelchair of the industry that keeps turning heads. It has a rugged style and an enhance manoeuvrability.

This is really something to be noted that braunability mxv has revolutionised mobility at its first introduction. You will not find a single vehicle that has blended style with function. The main features of the vehicle are:

  • It has about 1000 pound capacity to carry weight.
  • This is a vehicle that has special sliding shifter for extra space.
  • The user will find an in floor ramp that has an added lighting especially for night-time navigation.
  • The vehicle has standard rugged nerf bars. It also has the facility of transfer seats.
  • The user will enjoy a towing package along with the vehicle.

New technology

The vehicle is so popular because it has introduced a go- seating technology. This means if you touch the button just once, the seat will automatically tilt forward. This will provide maximum space and help to manoeuvre. The user of braunability mxv will find everything very comfortable, for example entering the vehicle or exiting or even transferring.

This new technology that is used makes the ride very convenient. You can also use larger power chairs. The doorway space is maximised for the comfort of the users. The vehicle is a great experience for both the driver and the passenger.