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Best wardrobes to accommodate all your clothes and accessories

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Furniture designers and manufacturers are offering very attractive and useful wardrobes these days. You have a wide selection of wardrobe designs from where you can choose your option. Wardrobes add space to rooms and it can be very attractive when you put it in your room according to the style of the room. There are various wardrobe designs; you will find stand-alone wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, and fitted or built-in wardrobes. Besides being a useful cabinet, you can use it as dress storage and it is your room’s asset.

Some of the most popular designs of wardrobes are discussed below:

  1. Old-style wardrobes

The old-style designs come up in several plain materials. Antique ones are made of nature designed wood. The wood pieces such as cabinets made from tree trunks can be included in all kinds of rooms and they can be designed according to what owners want, with wallpaper or paint. The modern wardrobes are plastic materials and have patterns, black or white. In many cases, synthetic materials and melted and mixed to make the pieces.

  1. Light wardrobes

The new wardrobes that are seen in the stores these days are made using steel and plastic. Plastic, vinyl/PVC, and translucent materials used for creating these lighter and durable wardrobes. They give an eye-catching, neat, and clean appearance. They enable a wider selection of textures and colors compared to plain wood.

  1. ‘U’ shaped wardrobes

U shaped wardrobes occupy three walls and they take more space but they look very admiring. There are straight closets that are functional because their sides allow maximum storage. There is an additional space for vintage mirrors.

  1. Sliding door wardrobes

The sliding door wardrobes offer the best usage and space utility. These are handy for cramped and smaller bedrooms and they can be installed easily and they can be managed easily. Many individuals find this design good because the sliding doors of the wardrobe have fitted large mirrors thus giving your room a lighter and a larger look. These are cheaper compared to other options.

  1. Framed structured wardrobes

These are probably the best wardrobes. They offer maximum space and they are not hindered by sloping ceilings. In frame structured wardrobes, you can choose the depth of your wardrobe. These designs do not have backing panels and so you have to prepare the wall prior to installation. These wardrobes are difficult to install and you may face additional problems regarding bed layout.

  1. Carcase wardrobes

Carcass wardrobes are the simplest of all. You can incorporate them into your fitted bedroom furniture. They are simple in design and they can be dismantled easily when there arises any need. So, it can be packed and moved to other places whenever you want.

You will find plenty of wardrobe designs available in the market that can fit into your room, so, select them carefully. Just the look is not enough. You have to judge its utility with respect to your lifestyle, space available, and clothes and other articles to be kept.