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All You Need to Know About the Drug Test at Work

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One of the major problems every worker in the US faces is the drug testing that lots of employers like to conduct for their employees. Even though a lot of the states are slowly liberating the consumption of marijuana, people still can’t accept the fact that taking drugs is a normal thing.

What people do in their free time is their business. Some like to drink, and others smoke even at the workplace but it seems like there’s no punishment for these addictions.

However, if you’re among the millions of people facing this problem, you need to know some facts about it. In this article, we’re working on realizing the information every person facing the test must know. Read on and find out everything about it!

What kinds of tests are there?

First, you need to know what kind of test you’ll be dealing with. The three most common ones are the saliva, hair follicle, and the urine test. All of these have their specifications and need to be treated differently if you want to pass them and get a negative result.

The saliva is used when the employer wants to find out if there’s someone taking drugs at the workplace. So, if you’re not, then you have nothing to worry about it because the saliva sample only reveals drug use in the last hours or so.

The hair follicle option gives results for up to 90 days of the last consumption. That means you’ll need to pay a lot of attention if you’re facing this one.

The urine sample can show drug traces in your system for the last 30 days. However, unlike the follicle, this one is much easier to be handled and overcome if you put your mind and body to it.

What is also important here is that different kinds of drugs leave traces inside us for a different amount of time. The most dangerous drugs, like heroin and cocaine, do a lot of damage to the brain but their half-life is much shorter than the one of the marijuana.

Marijuana is beginning to be legal in many parts of the world but it is still considered an illicit drug in some states in America. The problem here is that the half-life of marijuana is the longest of every other drug and the particles can be found in our system long after we consumed it. Read more facts about it on this excellent article.

How to get ready for the test?

Knowing how they are performed and what kind of drug you’ve been using should be enough to know what you can expect of the situation. For example, if you took a line of cocaine a month ago, and you’re about to give a urine sample, you have nothing to worry about.

If you did some cannabis also a month ago, and the hair follicle option is going to be performed, you definitely have a lot to worry about. When this is the case, you have to get the best detox shampoo there is on the market. It’s best if you search for it online, read some reviews and find the best one among the many.

Not everyone will help you and there are a lot of those who are a fraud so make sure you do the right choice. The hair detox lasts from 10 to 15 days of daily washing so make sure you’re ready for the challenge.

The urine sample also can be treated for 10-15 days and give you great results. The detox here is done for your internal organs. The urine substances depend on your intake of food and water. As we already said, the narcotics fall apart slowly and the process can be made faster only if you do some detox programs.

What are detox programs? They are programs that involve a lot of exercise in a combination of a lot of water drinking and detox solutions. This way you help the liver do a faster job and flush the toxins off your body. Check this page for more information – It’s a tough job but it can save your working place at the company.

Is there a fast way to overcome the problem?

Depending on what your employer makes you do, there might be or might not be a faster way. The hair follicle test is known as the toughest one because there’s no cheating on it. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Some people think that shaving their heads will solve the problem but the catch is that lab practitioners can always take a sample from another part of your body. Even if you shave completely, they’ll just understand that you’re hiding something because there’s no human without any hair on their bodies.

The urine test is much easier for handling. On the market, you can find so many samples of synthetic urine, also known as fake pee. This liquid is being sold for different needs and it also finds a way in cheating at work industry.

What you need to do is get some of it, pretend that you’re peeing at the toilet and switch the sample of the fake pee with your actual sample. Make sure the temperature, the color, and the whole process look natural because the doctors will see immediately if something’s not right.


With everything we said above, you shouldn’t have any problems with passing the narcotic test at work. Information is power and if you know what you’re dealing with and what are dangers, it will give you an advantage before the doctors.

Having these things in mind and preparing well should be enough to keep your job. Pay attention to every detail and don’t miss anything. If you take things seriously, be sure that you’ll have no problems doing it and getting a negative result. Millions of people did it so you can do it too.