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9 Problematic Small Space Decorating Mistakes To avoid

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It’s a common misconception that you can do no wrong in a small room. However, it’s much more common to make errors that can entirely ruin such a small space especially when it comes to decorating. You should know the most common small space decorating mistakes to avoid before you even think of making a furniture plan.

1. Not being organized with color

If you aren’t careful with the colors that you pick, you’re going to be disappointed with the final outcome of the small space that you’re decorating. It’ll be easier to organize everything if you have a color palette already in mind to prevent things from looking incohesive.

2. Being too organized with color

Directly connected to the first mistake is this second one where a lot of people get wrong too. You have to be able to learn how to let your creativity flow and not depend too much on what you see on catalogs and decorating samples. Give your small space your own unique touch.

3. Going small

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you should pick out small furniture too. Sure, you can go ahead and conserve as much space as you want but it’s important to have that one big centerpiece as well to make everything feel glued together.

4. Depending too much on artificial lighting

Maximize the illusion of space that you can get from natural light by strategically placing mirrors around. This will give your small space the much-needed vibrancy it needs.

5. Putting too much on display

If you have a small space, it may be tempting to put your most treasured belongings such as trophies or even plants to lighten up the room. However, this is the worst move you can make for a small area.

6. Not using a unified wall color

For a small space to feel like it’s well coordinated, it’s much better to use a unified color for the wall. This means that you shouldn’t use one paint for one side and a different one for the other. The solidity will give the small space the illusion of depth.

7. Leaving room for more

Don’t conserve too much on the floor space. Own up to the fact that the particular area that you’re decorating is a small space. Place as much furniture as you can while ensuring that these pieces make sense.

8. Wasting vertical space

Shelving is one of the best ways to have extra room for your stuff if you are decorating a small space. Not only will you have room for extra things, you’ll also have the chance to decorate vertically which is often ignored by many people.

9. Ignoring the power of patterns

One of the most common small space decorating mistakes to avoid is the lack of patterns. There’s a reason why many optical illusions use patterns. They provide not only the optical illusion the depth it needs, but also leaves room for intrigue and creativity.
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