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7 Health Benefits of Ice Skating for Children

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Engaging in sports is among the best ways for children to stay fit and healthy. Aside from providing ample exercise to keep their body strong, it also offers a way for them to release pressure and relieve stress they may be experiencing from school or at home.

While there are many different sports to choose from, one particular athletic program stands out because of its health benefits for both the child’s physical and mental well-being. Ice skating programs, are offered at professional sports academies around the world, and the sport is becoming a popular choice for families.

To help you understand what makes this sport special, here are the top seven health benefits your children can receive from ice skating training:

1.   Improves Balance

Training in ice skating could mean your child will have to practice some yoga as well. Skaters often learn yoga poses to improve their balance on the ice. Of course, the act of traversing a slippery surface on a thin blade also improves balance in and of itself. With more practice, your little one will be able to stay on her feet while enjoying a cool and positive environment with the trainers.

2.   Builds Lower Body and Core Muscles

Ice skating also helps build and strengthen a person’s core, including the pelvic floor, back, and gluteus maximus muscles. The constant movement of the feet also benefits the lower body muscle group which covers the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, and the hips. These muscle groups are responsible for holding the body stable, so developing them is useful in preventing injury and aches, both on and off the ice. That said, a skater must also have strong arms in order to hold them against his body during high velocity spins and jumps that figure skaters perform or to hit a great slapshot in ice hockey.

3.   Boosts Endurance and Flexibility

Endurance and flexibility are two more health benefits your child can get from ice skating training. The mobility of the joints, particularly in the legs, is also improved, thanks to the speedy footwork required to balance and glide on the ice.

Since practicing the sport requires extensive energy, the sport will also help your child build up her endurance which she can use not just for skating, but also for other sports and exhausting physical activities as well.

4.   Relieves Stress

Exercising regularly has been proven to relieve stress. Like other moving sports, ice skating can serve as a great way for your child to become more physically active and help her release tension caused by pressures at school or at home. Skating in a positive environment with knowledgeable trainers can also help improve his mood and general behavior.

5.   Improves Bone Density

Aside from incorporating more calcium- and vitamin D-rich foods in their diet, you can also help your child improve her bone density through ice skating. Scientists believe that putting more pressure on the skeleton can help elevate bone mass.

Because the sport incorporates jumping movements, your child should be able to experience improved bone density, particularly in the lower body, with just 10 minutes of practice a day.

6.   Boosts Joint Health

Joint issues are more apparent with older people, but that doesn’t mean you should hold back on supporting exercises when your child is still young. On the contrary, it is important that your child’s joint health is maintained while she is still growing.

Joint health is best achieved with proper diet and exercise that incorporates synchronized movements like the gliding and sliding actions done in ice skating.

7.   Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Like aerobics and Zumba dancing, ice skating is also considered a great exercise to boost a person’s cardiovascular health. This is because the sport requires constant movement and use of almost every muscle group in the body, putting a healthy strain on the heart and lungs. And, like all muscles in the body, the heart and lungs need exercise to stay in top form.

Keep Your Child Fit on the Ice

In addition to taking youth fitness classes, engaging children in sports has long been considered as a great option for keeping them physically fit. Ice skating not only keeps your child busy after school, but also helps him or her stay healthy and happy.


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