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5 Brilliant ideas to energize the cafeteria of your office

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Everybody is looking out for office spaces that give them a pleasant environment which makes it comfortable for the employees to work. A comfortable and happy employee will be able to focus more on his work, and this will lead to an increase in efficiency and productivity. The cafeteria is one place in the office premises where employees look forward to going when having a stressful day.

Having a cafeteria that offers a comfortable environment will give your entire office a feel-good look. It will set a good mood for the employees and refresh their minds which will help them in achieving high performance.Given below are a few ideas that can help you in energizing the environment of your office’s cafeteria:

  1. Focus on comfort

A lot of offices focus on designs and patterns in order to keep their office up to date with modern trends. But, what they forget is that cafeteria is a space for employees, they are looking for comfort rather than new designs. The design might be important but what is more significant is to have well-functioning items which provide comfort. Not only will you save money by investing in utilitarian furniture but also make your employees happy. High cost does not mean high satisfaction.Know more about comfort and luxury of cafeteria chairs by checking online stores.

  1. Modern artwork

They say it right “everything is in the details.” A cafeteria that offers appropriate lighting, artwork and music will create an environment which is lively and welcoming. It will also help in maintaining the culture you have been trying to develop for a long time. If you want to encourage creativity amongst your employees, then choose for abstract and modern art pieces. This does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money. Choose colors that will enhance the entire look of the cafeteria; a dull color can instantly lower the mood.

  1. Natural lighting

Also, make sure that the cafeteria has a lot of space for natural light to peep in, it will provide the employees with their daily dose of Vitamin D and help in boosting their lost energy. Working in a cabin or an enclosed space can often cause irritation and feeling of suffocation in an employee. To avoid this from happening, make sure that they are getting enough natural light in the cafeteria.  A relaxing and vibrant atmosphere will draw more workers in and increase their productivity and energy.

  1. Right to use technology

It is no surprise that with the increased use of tech and smartphones, people feel more distracted and less focused on their work. A lot of offices do not allow employees to use their smartphones during work time. But, when you are allowing them to use it in the cafeteria then make sure you give them proper access to it. A good cafeteria is one that supports technology. For example, include pop-up power sockets, digital screens, etc. so that they can continue socializing without having to worry about finding power outlets. You never know when an idea can strike so, keep the possibilities open.

  1. Get your employees involved

The best way to make sure that the employees are enjoying in the cafeteria is to get them involved in the process. When they are engaged in the design process, they will feel more connected to space. You can even ask them to get their personal belongings if they wish to do so. The cafeteria should feel like their second home. This can be a brilliant way to improve employee engagement.

These were the few ways in which you can energize the cafeteria space in your office and motivate your employees.