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4 Frequent Walking Mistakes That Hinder Effective Calorie Burning

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Everyone knows about walking, I mean it’s a matter of placing one foot in front of the other, right? I’m afraid that’s not the whole story, well that is, if you were planning to use walking as cardio to burn calories and lose weight.

In this article, I am mainly aiming to inform you of the common mistakes that people make when trying to burn calories by walking. Like all exercises, there are necessary adjustments you’ll need to do to make it the most effective it can be.

Here is a breakdown of what you’re doing wrong and how to correct the mistake.

Arm Positioning

In our daily lives, walking with our hands hanging at our sides is common, especially when you aren’t in a hurry to get to your destination. This flimsy posture, however, doesn’t benefit you if you’re looking to burn calories.

Instead of the usual weak motion, your arms should be synchronized to your leg movements. This will engage your torso in the exercise. Your hands should form loose fists, and your arms should be moving back and forth no higher than your chest.  This increases your heart rate and increases oxygen consumption up to 15%. It improves the outcome of your walk, especially if you supplement the exercise with work-out products, like the ones you can find on To get even better results, you can add hand weights to the routine to make it more challenging.

Walking Posture

Another mistake people make is how they position their bodies. Your posture is going to be a significant determinant in the success of your walking. Arching your back and positioning your head downwards should be avoided.

Make sure your head is positioned to face forward most of the time – if not all the time.  Don’t lean forward or backward and avoid arching your back. If you find it a bit challenging, you can try tucking in your buttocks by rotating your hips slightly forward. You’ll find this more efficient. Moreover, you should suck your tummy inwards slightly to engage the core muscles in your body. By engaging more muscle areas, you’re guaranteed to burn more calories.

Movement Patterns

A quick walk is the perfect cardio exercise, but mixing up your walking patterns can help you burn 20% more calories. This can be done by avoiding slow walking throughout the exercise. Gradually speed up, jog and slow down to rest – but don’t stop! Do this repeatedly for at least 15 minutes, with a mix of resistance exercises in between.

Following the Same Route

If you follow the above advice, you will notice a significant change in your walking routine and the calories you burn. However, walking the same route every day gets boring; so it’s recommended to try alternate routes. Targeting high areas will prove to be propitious, adding progression to your routine and burning more calories than usual.

There you go, its nothing you can’t fix. Most of the time all you need to do is really consider how things work.